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Creator is a theme of LEGO that focuses on the creative construction of System parts as opposed to playability functions of minifigures. As such, Creator sets are usually based on buildings or cars. There are also small sets contained in canisters, similar to the BIONICLE sets. The Creator sets did not include Minifigures until 2011, although many of the older sets are minifigure-scaled.



Although the name Creator was introduced with the video game of the same name and board game, the first sets of the theme were introduced in 2001. They were continued from the previous Basic and FreeStyle themes, both including buckets of bricks and a few simple models. Creator, Basic, and Freestyle all contained 4+ Figure minifigures named Tina and Max.

These minifigures were discontinued when the Designer theme was introduced. This theme focused on the more specialised models, while Creator became used for sets containing an array of bricks and pieces designed to develop creativity.

When the Designer theme was discontinued in 2006, Creator took over its style of sets, including the X-Pod sub-theme. This produced more complex models and themes, including animals and vehicles. Meanwhile, Creator's previous sets, such as buckets, where moved to the Creative Building theme, which later became Bricks and More.

The complexity of the sets depends on the scale. Smaller models often make use of basic bricks, where as larger models make use of specialized elements and advanced building techniques. A majority of the sets released since 2006 are "three in one" models, which means that the set includes instructions to build three models using the parts included.

The Creator theme also includes the Modular Buildings line (with the exception of 10190 Market Street), which are a series of large, detailed buildings, and mostly have no more than one building. Unlike most Creator sets, Modular Buildings sets include minifigures and are to minifigure scale.

Sets (Dino Themed Sets Only)Edit

4418 Dino Pod

4958 Monster Dino

4892 Prehistoric Power

4998 Stegosaurus

5868 Ferocious Creatures

6914 T-Rex

7604 Triceratops

7605 Stegosaurus

7798 Stegosaurus

20003 Dino

35750 Dinosaur Backpack

35757 Dinosaur Backpack

35764 Dinosaur Backpack

35769 Lunch Box Dinosaur


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