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The Dinosaurs or (Dinos) are the main enemies in the LEGO Dino series. In the game Dino Outbreak on the LEGO Dino Website, an Explorer is shown opening the portal to the Dino World. Many different kinds of Dinosaurs come running out.

Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex)Edit

Dino Defense HQ

5887 Dino Defense HQ

The Tyrannosaurus Rex or the T-Rex.
T-Rex Hunter

5886 T-Rex Hunter

in 5886 T-Rex HuOutbreak, the T-Rex is the final stage/boss. The T-Rex is the most known and feared dinosaur of all.


Raptor Chase

5884 Raptor Chase

The Velociraptor/Raptor come in sets 5882, 5884, 5887 (above left)
Coelophysis Ambush

5882 Coelophysis Ambush

. In the game Dino Outbreak, Raptors are usually just "extra dinos". Raptors usually travel in groups and attack their prey by surrounding it. They communicate by screeching. They are highly intelligent.


The Triceratops comes in set 5885.
Triceratops Trapper

5885 Triceratops Trapper

The Triceratops has three horns on the top of its head. It is also a vegetarian with it having four legs


Pteradon Tower

5883 Pteradon Tower

The Pteranodon/Pterodactyl is a flying dinosaur and are known to fly over water.
Ocean Interceptor

5888 Ocean Interceptor

Set 5883 comes with a brown pteranodon. Set 5888 comes with a green pteranodon. Both sets try to use nets to capture the pteradon. Set 5883 tries to lure the pteranodon with fish.