Iron Predator
This set features a high-tech vehicle called the Iron Predator which is out to stop the king of the dinos, the T-Rex, which has light-up eyes and tongue. The tank, which is driven by the three minifigures included, has high-tech weapons such as the Z-1 Kinetic Launcher and the adjustable Cryothermic Cannon as well as a ladder that can be put out on the side. This set was only buyable for people in the US, Australlia, and Japan. DescriptionEdit

The king of the mutant dinosaurs is on the rampage, and only the Iron Predator can stop him! With Specs, Digger and Viper at the controls, the Iron Predator is ready to do the job. Use the Z-1 Kinetic Launcher or the Cryothermic Cannon to end this monster's reign of fear. Launcher really shoots! T-Rex features eyes and mouth that light up and a hinged jaw for chomping action! Includes Specs, Digger, Viper and T-Rex figures. Ages 7+.