Mutant Lizards were small dinosaurs in the Dino Attack story. They were first seen in 2005, and came in three colors, black, brown and purple. They make up the bulk of the Dinosaurs.

In the Dino Attack story, Mutant Lizards had different powers, depending on the breed. These included acid spitting, fire breathing, and color changing. Crossbreeds usually resulted in the offspring having both powers of its parents.

A mutant lizard is a dinosaur in Dino Attack and Dino 2010. It is not movable and is made out of entirely of rubber.


  • Black with blue specks on back.
  • Brown with blue specks on back.
  • Purple with blue specks on back.



  • Blue specks is the most common colour/color.
  • This dinosaur in real life really never existed but it looks like a Raptor.