Research Glider
5921 Research Glider is a Dino Island Set released in 2000. The set includes, Mike, his hang-glider, a tan colored Pteranodon, and some wildlife. Mike created the hang-glider to study wildlife around Dino Island. Mike rides on a small, primarily dark grey and black glider. He sits on what appears to be a 2x8 plate, with a slanted brick and a small windscreen in front of him. Behind him is a plate representing "wings" underneath several bricks. A propeller is mounted on the back, and several larger gliding wings are above it. These would appear to be the primary wings, with the small plate serving as directional or secondary wings. Mike himself is holding what appears to be a net derived from chains. On the ground floor is a green 6x6 plate, home to several slanted "rocks" and several leaves and bushes spouting from them. A tan-coloured pteranodon soars above, which appears to be the target of Mike's voyage.


Mike (Good)