Specs is a chemist, paleontologist, biologist, and nuclear physicist. He invented most of the equipment. He also quarrels with Shadow a lot. Nonetheless, he played a huge part in saving Shadow when his neighborhood was destroyed. Inventor of the Xenon Multi-Mode Launcher, Specs is the techie and scientist of the team. He is conflicted about thier battle with the dinosaurs, preferring to capture them for study instead (Shadow wants to destroy them).

Set AppearancesEdit

(Dino 2010 Sets Not Shown)

7476 Iron Predator vs. T-Rex

7477 T-1 Typhoon vs. T-Rex


  • Specs is the leader of Dino Attack / Dino 2010.
  • Specs, unlike the others, has no My LEGO Network Account. If he did, he would be Rank 5, like the others.


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